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That's a pretty ambitious list of goals!

Janette Toral

Eat healthier will be an important input for you to get into shape. All the best to your 2012 plans.


Forget all ten of them. here is one you start with.

Be happy and make others happy.

It is a lot easier than you may think.


By doing all of those things, I'll be making others happy. In one way or another, what I do, will reflect onto others. If I inspire just one person through this blog and my efforts, it's worth it.

@Jannete Toral
Indeed, Eat Healthier, that's going to be a good portion of my Get into Shape goal.

Thanks. Without goals, we're no bodies. I choose to be who I am and express myself outward with my goals.


I'd like to make goals 1 through 6 my goals! Don't plan to write a novel.

Nicolas Liu

The list still vague for me. Or too general. To follow your goal, you need specific steps.


I'm with you on one through six. Good luck!


Sounds like fun. Feel free to join in.

@Nicolas Lui
Yes, the goals are kind of Vague, but that will all change as I write more on them. The goals will be broadened to be exclusive goals.

Welcome aboard, let's see how far we can get together.


One thru six is ambitious. If you completed 3 or 4 of those goals it would be a success. Best of luck!

Emmanuel Gonot

Get into shape - that's one of my top goals too. I'm glad that you're putting it all out in the open for everyone to see. They say that it helps stay focused when you know a lot of people will watching at the end of the year to see and applaud when you achieved these published goals. Good luck, Roger!

Jorge Purgly

Do it one by one.

A Facebook User

Getting into shape is my .1 too!

Seo Amigo

I think 1 thru to 5 are more likely to see some action here :-)


@Jorge Purgly
Some of these can actually be done Jointly. Such as the Eat Healthier and Get into Shape.

@A Facebook User
That should be everyone's #1, unless of course you're already in shape. Then increasing your endurance should be your #1.

@Seo Amigo
Seems that more and more people share the same goals, or very similar goals. Perhaps by working on them together, we can achieve them.

Liz Pullen

Good luck with your very ambitious goals!

One issue I see is that some are very specific (write a novel) while others are very open to interpretation (be successful) and others are lifetime goals (travel the world).

You might try being more specific. What would you see as movements toward "success"? If you specify what you are working towards (a different job, more money, having more free time for friends & family), it's more likely that you'll recognize having achieved the goal.

Also, how about traveling to 4 places you've never been to before, outside your state or outside the U.S.? That's still an ambitious but doable goal (depending on the places you pick!).


@Liz Pullen,
I do realize that some of the goals need to be more Specific. This is probably going to be a several post article here, spanning over the next week, give or take. I do plan on expanding my goals a bit more and taking the readers on the journey. They'll be able to see what my goals and dreams are and how far I've gone.

As far as the traveling goes, Yep, I plan on traveling outside the country, hence the Travel the World goal. I'll more than likely start in the UK and go from there. I've also got a plan which I'll share with the readers once I get it on the move. Hopefully within the next couple of days.

Account Deleted

Hey Roger, thats a very good list :), best of luck!

Erin Patrick

That's a pretty big list. I'm working on my first book too, though not a novel. I wish you all the best this year!

David Sanger

sounds great. hope you do a tenth of what you propose

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